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What is the Role of EAP in Supporting Mental Health Issues?

Businesses are becoming more aware of the rising incidence of employees with mental health difficulties. Businesses are aware that these problems lead to increased medical claims data, but the problem goes beyond just money. Businesses are becoming more and more focused on supporting their employees’ emotional health as a part of their overall well-being. Employers are paying more as a result of greater healthcare expenditures and poorer production as stress and mental health problems continue to worsen. Giving employees access to mental health benefits through a Pre-Employment Screening Program is one way to assist workers.

In today’s workplace, issues like anxiety, stress, and depression are proving to be incredibly prevalent. Employees report feeling more pressure than ever to give their all to both their personal and professional lives, which can lead to health frequently taking a back seat. Because of this, employee assistance programmes are becoming more and more well-liked. In keeping with businesses’ rising understanding of the value of employees’ overall health, the use of EAPs has increased by 68% since 2008. EAPs today include a wide range of topics, such as child care, relationship difficulties, financial difficulties, and legal issues, and are no longer restricted in what they may help workers with.

What is an EAP?

An EAP offers assistance to assist workers, their family members, and dependents in coping with personal concerns that may impact their health, mental health, emotional well-being, and ability to do their jobs. Although not health insurance, an EAP is typically provided in conjunction with a company’s health insurance coverage. All operations are private and, in many circumstances, cost nothing.

Importance of an EAP For Mental Health

Certain employee assistance programmes (EAPs) allow workers to obtain the appropriate financial wellness services, receive essential mental health counselling, and comprehend and use health insurance coverage more readily. An EAP benefits the employer by ensuring employee retention, lowering stress levels, and reducing absenteeism among staff members.

Short-Term Counselling

For people dealing with stress or mental health difficulties, finding a therapist or getting counselling may seem out of the question. However, using an EAP makes it easy to chat with someone. But, members of a good EAP can access employee counselling by making a quick phone call. EAPs typically offer access to phone counselling or even in-person counselling sessions with a nearby counsellor.

Seeking Work-Life Balance Assistance

While juggling work and home obligations simultaneously, many people experience overwhelming feelings of overload. As a result of COVID-19, unanticipated remote employment, along with virtual school and lockdowns, has made this situation much worse. Fears about work-life balance can have a significant impact on employees’ physical and emotional health even in everyday situations.

The services offered by an EAP for work-life balance are meant to lessen some of that load. The professionals at an EAP programme can help with a variety of services, like connecting with a lawyer, locating the child or elder care, or even getting nutrition advice. Imagine how much more at ease your staff members would be if you could assist them in reducing some of the tension in their daily life.

What is the Role of EAP in Supporting Mental Health Issues?

Wellness Improves Performance and Productivity at Work

The performance and productivity of employees can be greatly increased by using employee assistance programmes (EAPs). According to research, an improvement in employee well-being can boost productivity by up to 25%. In addition to the obvious advantages of greater productivity brought on by enhanced work efficiency, EAPs can also aid in lowering absenteeism, enhancing communication, and amicably resolving problems.

When everyone feels supported and connected—both psychologically and physically—problems don’t frequently worsen, which helps to foster a pleasant workplace. Supposing you are concerned about your physical or mental health, whether it is as a result of stress at work or personal problems, talk to your manager about the advantages of implementing an EAP in your place of employment. Quite likely, something is already in place.

Final Words

Keeping an employee’s mental health in check is essential right now. Businesses must always encourage mental health to inform workers about the organization’s initiatives that are available for their advantage. The alterations in their personal and professional lives have an impact on their mental health, which has an impact on the productivity of the company.


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